Greater Minnesota Housing Corporation (a subsidiary of the Greater Minnesota Housing Fund) launched the NOAH Impact Fund to finance the acquisition and preservation of naturally affordable rental housing to preserve affordability for the long term.

Nationwide, affordable rental housing is at risk.

An increasing number of naturally affordable rental developments are being converted to higher-market rents or are simply operated under poor management and in disrepair. These conditions threaten the stability of families and communities.

All investments by the NOAH Impact Fund will target rental properties at risk of conversion to higher rents and the threat of displacement of low- and moderate-income residents.

Social Impact Investors and Developers Sought

The Fund seeks Minnesota charitable institutions, financial institutions, corporations, and wealth management advisors interested in making socially motivated impact. The Fund also seeks qualified developers and owner-operators interested in a double bottom line to pursue a joint venture relationship to preserve affordable rental housing in the Twin Cities metro.

Support for the NOAH Impact Fund

McKnight FoundationSpecial thanks to the McKnight Foundation for sponsoring the research and development of the NOAH Impact Fund to preserve Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing (NOAH) in the Twin Cities.

Download NOAH Brochure

For more background about the NOAH Impact Fund, please download the NOAH Impact Fund Brochure (PDF).

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About the NOAH Impact Fund

The NOAH Impact Fund is a subsidiary of the Greater Minnesota Housing Fund. This program was established to enable the preservation of existing affordable housing for Minnesotans.

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Staff Contacts

Rachel Robinson
NOAH Impact Fund Manager
651.221.1997 x114

Warren W. Hanson
President & CEO, GMHF, MEF & NOAH
651.221.1997 x107

General Contact Info

NOAH Impact Fund
c/o Greater Minnesota Housing Fund
332 Minnesota Street
Suite 1201-East
Saint Paul, MN 55101