The NOAH Impact Fund blends private capital, patient capital, and public agency capital with equity to produce a blended, very low-cost source of equity.

This innovative combination of fund techniques is the first of its kind.

With a blended capital stack that maximizes over 50 percent modeled participation by private, regulated, bank capital, this model is fully replicable both in the Twin Cities metro area and in any region in the country.

This model advances the field of affordable housing by mirroring the private market while achieving a double bottom line of investment returns and mission.

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About NOAH Impact Fund

NOAH Impact Fund is a subsidiary of Greater Minnesota Housing Fund.  
This program was established to enable the preservation of existing  
affordable housing for Minnesotans.  


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Greater Minnesota Housing Fund

GMHF is AERIS rated and a member of the  
Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines.


Staff Contacts

John Errigo
Director of Investing & Fund Manager

General Contact Info

NOAH Impact Fund
c/o Greater Minnesota Housing Fund
332 Minnesota Street
Suite 1650-West
Saint Paul, MN 55101