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We can explain the full range of financing available and help determine which types of debt and equity make the most sense for you.

The NOAH Impact Fund, through the staff at GMHF, provides planning and technical assistance to housing organizations, local governments, housing developers and owner-operators throughout Minnesota to address housing needs in a variety of diverse locations and contexts.

GMHF helps developers and communities be more effective and better meet local and regional affordable housing and community development needs, putting public resources for affordable housing to the best use.

We seek to meet the unique needs of both high-performing, experienced organizations as well as communities with limited housing expertise who need help with early planning, market studies, and project development.

GMHF’s partners consistently report that planning and technical assistance fills a critical need that advances their development plans and builds community support. GMHF provides planning and technical assistance on a variety of topics.

Are you…

An investor seeking a social as well as economic return on your investment?

Investing in multifamily rental housing ensures long-term affordability and reduces the displacement of low-income residents.

An owner-operator interested in acquiring and maintaining affordable rental properties in the Twin Cities metro?

The NOAH Impact Fund can connect owner-operators with the capital necessary to acquire and finance the rehabilitation of multifamily rental properties while preserving their affordability.

Scoping out a new affordable housing development and trying to structure the many layers of financing?

We can explain the full range of financing available and help determine which types of debt and equity make the most sense for you.

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For a longer list of the kinds of technical assistance GMHF staff provides, please visit the Greater Minnesota Housing Fund website.

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For more background about the NOAH Impact Fund, please download the NOAH Impact Fund Brochure (PDF).

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About NOAH Impact Fund

NOAH Impact Fund is a subsidiary of Greater Minnesota Housing Fund.  
This program was established to enable the preservation of existing  
affordable housing for Minnesotans.  


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GMHF is AERIS rated and a member of the  
Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines.


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Director of Investing & Fund Manager

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